eng ליגת נוער שרון Cycle 2 פרטי המשחק

Hapoel Beth Eliezer Gershon


COHEN Lior 1, EYLON Elisha 15, AYUB Itay 36, AYUB Itay 38, COHEN Lior 40, COHEN Lior 47, COHEN Lior 53, BEN SLOSH Koren 56(p), ELIAS Oren 65, AYUB Itay 75(p), EYLON Elisha 77, AYUB Itay 77, EYLON Elisha 87, EYLON Elisha 90
9/19/2022 | 2:45 PM
Hapoel Beth Eliezer Gershon2 : F. C. Natania. Kolet Cohen14
Half: Hapoel Beth Eliezer Gershon0 : F. C. Natania. Kolet Cohen6
Hadera Ramada
F. C. Natania. Kolet Cohen


NAGAR YUVAL 83(p), KOEN Eli 84

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