The IFA Management

The IFA management has massive influence on Israeli Football. This institution is practically the FA’s governing body and statutory authority where most of the major decisions
regarding policy are made.

The IFA’s management is elected every four years by the general assembly, the members of the management are chosen from a list of candidates and club representatives. These lists must receive the support of more than 20% of the
votes at the general assembly.

The clubs who are members of the general assembly
choose the lists of candidates in a similar manner to a Parliaments’ elections The IFA’s management consists of 29 members, who all have a vote each, while the management is allowed to appoint members who hold an advisory role.

Regular attendants at the IFA’s management meetings are representative of the Sports Department at the Sports Education and Culture Ministry, the Referee's Union chairman and the chairman of the Coaches Union. By virtue of their position, the IFA’s CEO and the IFA’s Deputy CEO are also invited to these meetings.

The management elects from its members several positions: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Vice Chairman, honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and a Chairman of the Finance Committee. In principal, the management holds meetings once every two to three months with the agenda determined by the chairman and the decisions of the administration are approved by a majority of those present.