The IFA Executive Committee

Role of the IFA Executive Committee

The IFA’s Executive Committee is the managements’ cabinet whose major tasks are executing and responsibility for the management of the FA’s affairs, according to the decisions of the
management and the general assembly
The Executive Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis with the agenda determined by the Chairman. According to the FA’s regulation, the Executive Committee has similar jurisdiction as management besides judiciary powers. The Executive Committee’s decisions are taken by simple majority of the meetings’ attendants who have the right to vote.

The Executive Committee (who at present consists of 11 members) is elected by the management and are all members of the management. By virtue of their position, some of the managements’ members are automatically nominated to the Executive Committee [Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Honorary Treasurer].

The management is entitled to add further members to the Executive Committee on an advisory role while the composition of the Executive Committee reflects the balance of power among the different parties in the management itself.

The IFA’s CEO and Deputy CEO attend the Executive Committee meetings by virtue of their positions. The Executive Committee decisions are approved by a majority of the meetings’
attendants who have the right to vote.