eng ליגת נוער מרכז Cycle 28 פרטי המשחק

Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan


HABANI Omer 69
5/15/2023 | 8:30 PM
Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan14 : Sports Club Ramla1
Half: Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan5 : Sports Club Ramla0
Safari 2 Hachoach Ramat Gan
Sports Club Ramla


ABU MU'AMMAR Amin 5, ABU GANEM Eyad 12, ABU GANEM Eyad 16, AZULAY Avial 18, HAZAN Shalev 30, ABU GANEM Eyad 32, ABU GANEM Eyad 35, YAACOV Asif 52, YAACOV Avihay 54, DAHAN Liav 60, WADI Aref 62, BALAY Baruch 65, WADI Aref 76, BALAY Baruch 80

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