eng ליגת נוער מרכז Cycle 11 פרטי המשחק

Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan


KOROZERO Ido 3, AYASH Yonatan 86
12/23/2022 | 1:00 PM
Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan10 : Beitar Petah Tikva2
Half: Shicun Vatikim Ramat Gan3 : Beitar Petah Tikva1
Safari 2 Hachoach Ramat Gan
Beitar Petah Tikva


HAHAM Itay 7, GAN HAIM Yehonatan 35, HAHAM Itay 40, ROTSHILD Nadav 48, HAHAM Itay 59(p), HAHAM Itay 67, LESHEM Nevo 69, ROTSHILD Nadav 77, BADIHI Yshai 77, YELIZAROV Yakir 81

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