eng ליגה ג' תל-אביב Cyrcle 24 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Pardes Catz


MORDI Yair 80
3/2/2023 | 11:00 AM
Maccabi Pardes Catz10 : Maccabi Spartak Ramat Gan1
Half: Maccabi Pardes Catz4 : Maccabi Spartak Ramat Gan0
Maccabi Spartak Ramat Gan


AVITAL Shahar 6, REFAEL Shalom 17, ITZHAKOV Aleksey 23(p), HALFON Roee 34, HALFON Roee 48, ARBEL Tomer 50, ARBEL Tomer 52, FRDONI Avital 63, LEVI Dvir Daniel 67, LEVI Dvir Daniel 72

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