eng ליגה ג' שרון Cyrcle 12 פרטי המשחק

Football Club Ironi Ariel


BACHAR Moshe 1, POLYANSKY Egor 14, WERTHIMER Moshe 25, OGNA Joel 35, Slutsky Artyom 40, Slutsky Artyom 60, Slutsky Artyom 62, BACHAR Moshe 65, BACHAR Moshe 75, COHEN Maor 82, Slutsky Artyom 85, Slutsky Artyom 90
11/24/2022 | 9:30 PM
Football Club Ironi Ariel0 : Beitar Yafo Zion12
Half: Football Club Ironi Ariel0 : Beitar Yafo Zion5
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