eng ליגה ג' שומרון Cycle 8 פרטי המשחק

Hapoel Bney Gaser El Zarca


AMASH Jamil 61, BARIA Tarek 73(p)
4/11/2022 | 2:30 PM
Hapoel Bney Gaser El Zarca9 : Football Club Bney Kalansua2
Half: Hapoel Bney Gaser El Zarca5 : Football Club Bney Kalansua0
Jaser El Zarka
Football Club Bney Kalansua


TAYA Jlal 7, TAYA Jlal 13, TAYA Jlal 28, TAYA Osid 32, TAYA Osid 45, JABER Karem 49, NATOUR Mohamad 52, תאיה ראיד 65(p), NATOUR Mohamad 90

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