wu-19 Southern League Cyrcle 6 פרטי המשחק

Football Club Ramat Hasharon


GANOR Maya 5, RAN Lea 11, COHEN Ayelet 26, COHEN Ayelet 30, GIVONI Omer 35(p), GANOR Maya 38, COHEN Ayelet 40, RAN Lea 44, GANOR Maya 50, AKER Daniel 53, MUSERI Yuval 62(s), MUSERI Yuval 70(s), GANOR Maya 72
11/12/2022 | 7:30 PM
Football Club Ramat Hasharon2 : Maccabi Tel Aviv Girls13
Half: Football Club Ramat Hasharon1 : Maccabi Tel Aviv Girls8
Maccabi Tel Aviv Girls


MERON Noa 39, YEHUDA Eden 63

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