Wu-19 Northern League Cyrcle 2 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Emek Hefer


MRYAN Abo Romhen 7(s), GABAY Lihi 16, LAYBEL Shy 22, ZINGER Ela 34, SHECHTER Rotem 41, BITON Lorlay Kimberli 42, BITON Lorlay Kimberli 45, BITON Lorlay Kimberli 47, BITON Lorlay Kimberli 49, LAYBEL Shy 60, TOREK Noya 66, MAYROVITZ May 70, MAYROVITZ May 78, MAYROVITZ May 80, MAYROVITZ May 90
9/18/2022 | 8:00 PM
Maccabi Emek Hefer0 : Hapoel Bnot Majdal Krum15
Half: Maccabi Emek Hefer0 : Hapoel Bnot Majdal Krum7
Bat Hefer Settlement

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