eng ליגת נוער מרכז Cyrcle 24 פרטי המשחק

Sports Club Ramla


FLEZENTAL Amit 4, AZULAY Avial 14, AZULAY Avial 30, ELWAHAB Tomas 48, YAACOV Asif 52, BAN YSAEO Elia 70, ALMAGRABI Noor Aldin 74, AZULAY Avial 84
3/29/2022 | 8:30 PM
Sports Club Ramla2 : Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon8
Half: Sports Club Ramla0 : Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon3
Jursi Ramle
Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon


KALABRIS Ori 80, ASRAS Lee Shay 86

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