eng ליגת נוער מרכז Cyrcle 10 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Pardes Cats


MORGENSHTAIN Maor 45, BINYAMIN Emanuel 55, MOZES Yosef Haim 58, MORGENSHTAIN Maor 67
6/12/2021 | 8:00 PM
Maccabi Pardes Cats16 : Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon4
Half: Maccabi Pardes Cats10 : Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon0
Jursi Ramle
Hapoel A.s Abugosh Mevaseret Ziyon


BEN RIMOZ Tal 4, BEN RIMOZ Tal 10, SWAED Khaled 21, BEN RIMOZ Tal 29, GUR Amit 34, MAMO Emanuel 36, BEN RIMOZ Tal 38, KALABRIS Ori 39, KALABRIS Ori 40, SWAED Khaled 42, DAVIDOFF Orel 45, DAVIDOFF Orel 47, YONATAN Ido 50, BEN RIMOZ Tal 52, BEN RIMOZ Tal 61, KALABRIS Ori 80

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