eng ליגת נערים ב' מרכז Cyrcle 8 פרטי המשחק

Ironi Beer Yaakov


LEVI Ido 3, EREZ Amit 13, LEVI Ido 20, SHEM TOV Almog 33, SHEM TOV Almog 43, MEMI Orel 57, SEGEV Ori 59, BEN SHUSHA Ariel 75
10/11/2021 | 8:15 PM
Ironi Beer Yaakov2 : Macabi Shaaraim8
Half: Ironi Beer Yaakov2 : Macabi Shaaraim5
Jursi Ramle
Macabi Shaaraim


GOREN Shaked 26, SINAI Roei 78

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