eng ליגת כדורגל באולמות הראשונה Cyrcle 11 פרטי המשחק

F.c. Futsal Ashkelon


MACHLUF Shahar 5, MACHLUF Shahar 11, MACHLUF Shahar 22, MACHLUF Shahar 25, DAVIDZADE Shalev 26, AZRAD Shalom 35, HARAMBAM Nadav 36, HARAMBAM Nadav 37, AZRAD Shalom 43(p), ABU HAZIRA Gad 47
7/14/2021 | 9:30 PM
F.c. Futsal Ashkelon8 : Ariel F.C.8
Half: F.c. Futsal Ashkelon5 : Ariel F.C.2
Extension: F.c. Futsal Ashkelon9 : Ariel F.C.10
Ariel F.C.


HEGER Oded 5, HEGER Oded 7, SHULKIN Demitri 14, ELBAZ Saar 18, ELBAZ Saar 19, HEGER Oded 35, YAMINI Omri 38, MACHLUF Shahar 38(s), ELBAZ Saar 49

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