eng ליגה ג' תל-אביב Cyrcle 14 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Pardes Catz


MOTOSEL David eliao 35
4/30/2021 | 10:00 AM
Maccabi Pardes Catz18 : Football Club Hamakhtesh Givatayim1
Half: Maccabi Pardes Catz8 : Football Club Hamakhtesh Givatayim1
Petah Tikva Training Synthetic
Football Club Hamakhtesh Givatayim


CHACANA Carlos 8, ABURMAN Amit 12, SHUST GUY Haim 16, SHUST GUY Haim 23, BERKOVICH Liad 30, CHACANA Carlos 32, SABAG Yaniv 39, SOFER Avi 42, AMIEL Yaniv 51(p), SABAG Yaniv 54, SABAG Yaniv 57, GABAY Omri 60, CHACANA Carlos 61, LERER Guy 70, CHACANA Carlos 74, BERKOVICH Liad 80, GABAY Yarom 82, LERER Guy 86

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