eng ליגת נוער שפלה Cyrcle 9 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Beer Sheva


ALGOABRA Jaber 5, ALGOABRA Jaber 14, MALKA Matan 14, MALKA Matan 18, HAZIZA Liam 22, KOGMAN Shay Shaol 32, MALKA Matan 36, ROTHILD Ben 40, MALKA Matan 43, AVITAN David Israel 49, ABO ANZA Taufik 52, ALGOABRA Jaber 54, KOGMAN Shay Shaol 62, ROTHILD Ben 64, MALKA Matan 70, ALGOABRA Jaber 74
9/4/2021 | 12:00 PM
Maccabi Beer Sheva1 : Sport Club Beer Sheva16
Half: Maccabi Beer Sheva0 : Sport Club Beer Sheva9
Taubel Beer Sheva
Sport Club Beer Sheva


VAKNIN Tal 63(p)

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