eng ליגת נוער שפלה Cyrcle 4 פרטי המשחק

Sport Club Beer Sheva


BEN DAVID Ravid 35, DADUSH Lion Mordehi 62(p)
12/27/2020 | 2:30 PM
Sport Club Beer Sheva9 : sport club Dimona tzahi2
Half: Sport Club Beer Sheva3 : sport club Dimona tzahi1
Taubel Beer Sheva
sport club Dimona tzahi


AMOYAL Segev 5, MALKA Niv 20, MALKA Niv 45, DADIA Ron Moshe 45, MALKA Niv 50, MALKA Niv 53, BEN DAVID Noam Yosef 60, BEN DAVID Noam Yosef 66, DADIA Ron Moshe 83

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