League B - North B Cyrcle 4 פרטי המשחק

Hapoel F.c.cendale Gilboa


MOHANA Radi 28, ZIADAT Ahmad 50, COHEN Sahar 56
12/25/2020 | 10:33 AM
Hapoel F.c.cendale Gilboa7 : Sports Club Tirat Carmel Gal Kobi3
Half: Hapoel F.c.cendale Gilboa3 : Sports Club Tirat Carmel Gal Kobi1
Taanach Gush Yael/ Asi Gilboa
Sports Club Tirat Carmel Gal Kobi


JABARIN Gal 30, SHIMOL Rotem 43, SHEM TOV Bar 45, SHIMOL Rotem 55, SHIMOL Rotem 78, JABARIN Gal 83, LEVRENCHOK Andrey 90

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