League B - North A Cyrcle 11 פרטי המשחק

Maccabi Achva ‏‎Yarkah


MOLAA Omri 90
11/29/2019 | 1:08 PM
Maccabi Achva ‏‎Yarkah8 : Macabi Sectzya Maalot1
Half: Maccabi Achva ‏‎Yarkah5 : Macabi Sectzya Maalot0
Macabi Sectzya Maalot


BEN DAVID Haim 4, NAIM Yosef 10, NAIM Yosef 25, BITON Ben 32, NAIM Yosef 34, EDRI Shemi 55, EDRI Eitan 84, BEN DAVID Haim 88

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