eng ליגה ג' דרום Cycle 27 פרטי המשחק

Moadon Zeirey Rahat


ALOBRA Mohmad 71(p)
10/3/2023 | 2:30 PM
Moadon Zeirey Rahat7 : Football Club Hapoel Arara Banegev1
Half: Moadon Zeirey Rahat3 : Football Club Hapoel Arara Banegev0
Tsheirey Rahat
Football Club Hapoel Arara Banegev


HOAREI Waleed 18, SWISSA Dolev 35, SWISSA Dolev 38, NASASRA Same 56(s), ABU BILAL Atef 77, SWISSA David 86, ABU ARAR Nassim 90

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