FIFA did not put Israel's suspension to a vote

FIFA did not put Israel's suspension to a vote

The Israeli Football Association succeeded in torpedoing the attempt of the Palestinian Association

FIFA did not put Israel's suspension to a vote

The Israeli Football Association succeeded in torpedoing the attempt of the Palestinian Association and its head Jibril Rajoub to lead to the suspension of Israeli football - national teams and teams - from FIFA, from international tournaments and from the European institutions.

After the FIFA Council unanimously decided yesterday that there is no place to discuss the Palestinian request in Congress, this morning the Congress also confirmed this and prevented a vote on the issue. With the agreement of the Israeli association, it was agreed that the issue will only be discussed within the framework of the FIFA Council, as it deems appropriate in the future, and the two chairmen of The associations gave speeches. The FIFA Congress closed a few minutes ago.

The Chairman of the Football Association, Shino Zoartz: "In the face of Noel's attempt to harm the State of Israel, its image and its legitimacy by suspending our football from all international tournaments and events, we were able to cancel a move that would have tarnished us and seriously harmed us on a political, sporting, moral and image level as a country. as a company

In the face of a largely hostile world and under more complex political circumstances than ever before, thanks to hard and intelligent work that lasted more than three months, we succeeded in preventing a sanction that was almost unimaginable in its level of severity.

I am full of appreciation for the President and CEO of FIFA, the members and members of the FIFA Council, the President of the Confederation and our dear friend the President of UEFA, Alexander Safrin, who understood our clear message about the true motives of Rajov's request, the blatant injustice in its nature And to the enormous danger it brings to every member of FIFA and to the organization itself.

I would like to thank the Minister of Sports Miki Zohar for the support, the professionals at the Foreign Ministry, the head of the Mala"l and his people and everyone who took part in dealing with Rajov's plot. Instead of looking for ways through football to bring a little comfort to everyone and pave the way for rapprochement, there are those who Who wanted to take advantage of this wonderful game to divide, incite and harm our basic right did not happen, it will not happen.

Warm words go to the association's CEO Niv Goldstein and the association's excellent team that came here and worked night and day to fight the evil that threatened us. Best wishes for success to all our national teams and teams in the various enterprises. Al-El Israel."

The CEO of the association, Niv Goldstein: "I admit that this is a big sigh of relief. We have prepared for every possible scenario at the legal, political level to convince everyone who needs it how hypocritical, baseless and inappropriate the request submitted by Rajov is. Thanks to hard, sensitive, professional and quiet work, we were able to find attentive ears and a willing heart on the part of dozens of associations, not a few of which are considered rivals in other arenas - all this in an unprecedentedly complicated situation. I would like to compliment everyone who was here with us last week to ensure victory: Advocate Amit Pines, Advocate Efraim Barak (former Advocate of the Association), Head of the Legal Division Advocate Ran Cohen-Nissen, Head of the Professional Division Ronen Hershco Rotem Kamer was the association's CEO in the past. Many other good people helped in the great effort. Israeli football and our blue and white flag will continue to be a part of every European enterprise at the level of national teams and teams".